terms and conditions


▪ I accept payment via local bank transfer to my transfer-wise account or PayPal.

▪ I try to prioritize existing VTuber clients for upgrades; however, I won’t always have availability. It’s best to get every important aspect of your character in one go.

▪ I don’t Rig. The commission is for the illustration alone, clean, cut, and ready to be rigged.

▪ The PSD file will be sent to the rigger only. A PSD request comes with an extra fee.

▪ VTubers take time, I don’t do rush jobs. Delivery expectancy is around 1-2 months after confirming starting the artwork.

▪ Credit my Twitter (@yuniiho) for the illustration on your Twitter bio, Twitch panels, and other Social Media.

▪ Major adjustments at the late stage in the process will result in additional fees.

▪ Payment can be made in one go at the work starting, or divided in more payments, based on clients needs

▪ 10% of the full payment must be paid from the moment the commission is accepted to prevent any cancellations and to keep the slot on the waiting list

▪ The minimum time usage is 6 months.

Full Illustrations: 1200+ Euros
Vtuber Models 6000+ Euros