Yuniiho Debut

TwitchX (tWITTER)

>NEW Yuniiho(‘VT-001.Cyb’);

“Good Evening, NeoTokyo City!”

Yesterday’s chaos tally in Neo Tokyo hit a smooth fifty! Ten from Akihabara, all thanks to those flashy tech feuds! One enforcer out, so looks like you’re all in a bind. ‘Cause the NTPD ain’t turning a blind eye. A tech-fail in Shinjuku-S13.
Those Spider-Shifters are back, tweaking the energy lines. Meanwhile, in G-Ueno, Aida Bayer’s crew is lifting cyber-drunk casualties off the neon streets. And Roppongi? Ha… Roppongi never changes.

Neon lights, retro vibes, future NOW. Dive into the 80s reimagined! Neo-Tokyo Synthwave Family Pack. Enjoy a world where the vibrancy of 80s Japan meets the cybernetic enhancements of tomorrow, all wrapped up in a fashion-forward aesthetic. 1000 ¥T.

Eddie and Ted? Tighter than ever. Got a stash in eurodollars? Swap ’em for Teds, no frills, straight-up 1-to-1. Come on, the streets are waiting. 

>LOADING Preferences(args);


  • Make a song cover
  • Becoming an Art God
  • Getting Shiny Piplup
  • Eat all the Pesties
  • Rule the world
  • Convince at least my mom that I’m a dog
  • Finish Elden Ring

I Like

  • Pesto of course
  • Pasta Lasagna Spaghetti
  • Mamma mia Pizza
  • Pokemon, a lot
  • Rythm games
  • Phonk music
  • Comfy rooms
  • Crane games
  • Blaming Merry
  • Drawing I guess

I Dislike

Sparkling Water
The Postman

> PLAY braindance(YUN1);

Cyberpunk and Dubstep are music genre we offer in our Braindance experience.
Unlike the traditional hacker-focused cyberpunk narrative, our emphasis is on cybernetic implants and the fusion of man with machine. City Pop is an 80s Japanese music genre that evokes images of glittering cities, summer nights, and urban luxury. 
This Playlist has been offered by our sponsor ‘The Beta-Decay Ripperdoc’. 

> PLAY braindance(Lore);

> DISPLAY Credits(artists);


Model Artist


Base Model Rig


Outfit Rig


Starting Soon


Ending Screen


BRB Screen


Starting Soon Music


Overlay and Credits


Lore Video


BRB Screen